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Ascellon Introduces SAP Productivity Tool – XCODESEEKER

Through a partnership and reseller agreement with Coach-IT of Brazil, Ascellon is now able to support SAP installations with a suite of powerful productivity tools.

XCODESEEKER is engineered specifically for the SAP environment. It reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by increasing optimization of the hardware already deployed.  XCODESEEKER enhances Security and Quality, and guarantees best practice for ABAP Programs.

It is not unusual for an organization to incur high cost of rework in ABAP code due to inefficient programing or implementation of objects that are integrated with a database, other systems, or even objects that consume a lot of memory or which can crash the servers.

For a SAP installation, an organization depends on a number of skilled professionals, whose cost can be high and vary monthly. Assuming 2 or 3 technical consultants, with each consultant working on a maximum of 4 or 5 SAP objects a month.  The cost will be approximately $25, 000 per month to maintain approximately 10-15 objects.

With XCODESEEKER, there is predictable and level of investment per month for unlimited number of SAP objects.

For old and new objects the XCODESEEKER solution is able to add value in many ways.  For example, governance is maintained by analyzing software deliverables or the specific needs of an upgrade or implementation project or even guarantee the integrity of the production environment. The functions that the XCODESEEKER brings to an organization are in accordance with “IT Governance compliance” for new ABAP objects.

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