Compliance Monitoring, Survey and Certification 
Ascellon provides direct support to government agencies as an independent monitor of healthcare facilities through regulatory and compliance surveys.  Our expertise covers residential and non-residential health care facilities, including long-term care, hospice, intermediate care, adult day care, community mental health centers, psychiatric hospitals, and more.

Program Integrity
Ascellon’s Program Integrity practice area offers a range of services that include review of payment systems, medical records, analysis of reimbursement patterns, and risk modeling.  We perform rigorous medical records and facility audits that identify fraud, waste, and abuse behaviors in government funded healthcare programs and improve the overall effectiveness of services our customers provide to their beneficiaries.

Life Safety Code Consulting & Training
Ascellon offers expertise in Life Safety Code consulting, training and inspection services as they apply to healthcare facilities, specifically those that provide services, treatment and occupancy for nursing home residents.  Our areas of expertise include NFPA 101® Code for safety to Life from Fire in Buildings and Structures.

Health Informatics
Ascellon performs analytical activities, provides informatics expertise, and develops software solutions for testing and future release, to facilitate health care decision-making. Our company supports health professionals in optimizing performance, quality and efficiency.We work with healthcare clients on Electronic Health Records (HER) implementation and strategic planning.