Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)

Ascellon’s IV&V practice is based on a rigorous independent process that evaluates the correctness and quality of a project’s business product to ensure that it is being developed in accordance with customer requirements and meets acceptable engineering standards. Ascellon recognizes that IV&V provides added value during any phase of a project. Our IV&V specialists perform reviews, analyses, evaluations, inspections, and tests of operational environments, computer hardware components, software, interfaces, documentation, operators and users in order to validate adherence to customer requirements and acceptable engineering standards.

The benefits of our IV&V practice to our customers include:
      3D Bullet (RED)    Early detection and correction of cost and schedule variances
      3D Bullet (RED)    Enhanced management insight into process and product risk
      3D Bullet (RED)    Support of project life cycle processes to ensure compliance with regulatory, performance, schedule,
              and budget requirements
      3D Bullet (RED)    Validation of the project’s product and processes to ensure compliance with defined requirements

We employ strict quality control techniques to prevent omissions, identify problems, and ensure the product is being developed correctly. We perform our IV&V services in accordance with The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers standard for Software Verification and Validation (IEEE Std 1012 - 2004).

Our Verification expertise includes:
      3D Bullet (RED)    Verification of requirement against defined specifications
      3D Bullet (RED)    Verification of design against defined specifications
      3D Bullet (RED)    Verification of product code against defined standards
      3D Bullet (RED)    Verification of terms, conditions, payment, etc., against contracts
      3D Bullet (RED)    Code reviews – Systematic examination of the product’s source code
      3D Bullet (RED)    Inspections – Peer review of work products and documentation
      3D Bullet (RED)    Walkthroughs – Inspecting source code by following logical paths through the algorithms

Our Validation expertise Includes:
      3D Bullet (RED)    Unit testing – Validates that individual units of product are
      3D Bullet (RED)    Working as designed
      3D Bullet (RED)    Integration testing – Units of product are combined and tested as a group
      3D Bullet (RED)    Function testing - Validating product functionality against defined requirements
      3D Bullet (RED)    System testing – Testing of both hardware and software on a completely integrated system
      3D Bullet (RED)    User acceptance testing – Black-box testing of product functionality to obtain release acceptance