Ascellon enables customers to improve management control, responsiveness and productivity while cutting costs and risks. We work with our customers to establish performance requirements on programs and then develop meaningful metrics to measure performance. Through effective performance monitoring, we provide senior managers with the insight to evaluate program or business activities and how they affect outcomes.

We assist organizations in transforming loosely structured program management functions into high-functioning Program Management Offices (PMO) utilizing PMBOK based methodologies, ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems, and other standardized tools. We can help to align PMO infrastructure and processes with organization goals and strategies.  Our services in this area also include enterprise portfolio management, governance process methodology, and development of dashboards for senior management. 

Our data analytics practice area supports customers in developing effective data collection, and in using the results of data collection efforts to answer questions, predict events and improve program effectiveness.

Our services in this area include:
      3D Bullet (RED)    Workflow Management Systems Design and Implementation
      3D Bullet (RED)    Standards-based Quality Management Systems (QMS) Development
      3D Bullet (RED)    Training and Human Capital Development
      3D Bullet (RED)    Surveys, Data Collection & Analysis
      3D Bullet (RED)    Metrics Development & Performance Monitoring
      3D Bullet (RED)    Grants Monitoring, Evaluation & Technical Assistance
      3D Bullet (RED)    Program Management & Administrative Support