Ascellon’s consulting service practice applies the multi-disciplinary expertise and experience of our professionals to specific issues or challenges facing an organization of any size. 

We can answer small, narrowly defined challenges; and we can integrate our capabilities to customize a turnkey program for gathering and analyzing data, identifying and applying best practices, educating and training, managing ongoing operations, monitoring results and supporting ongoing improvement.

Technology Strategy and Enterprise Planning
Ascellon supports the full life cycle of IT Strategy and Planning with a broad range of services that include IT Portfolio Management (IT PM), Enterprise Architecture (EA), IT Infrastructure Design and Planning, Business Process Management (BPM), and Data Flow Modeling. Our expertise in cutting-edge solutions such as Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Cloud Computing will maximize your return on investment (ROI), improve collaboration and information sharing, and better align your missions with current and future technologies.

IT Portfolio Management
Our Data Center Analysis and Support services help organizations optimize their investments in existing IT infrastructure and data centers. Our expert services include Consolidation, Virtualization, Cloud Computing analysis, and architecture design and implementation, all supported by a comprehensive return on investment (ROI) and risk management strategy.

Workflow Management
Ascellon’s leading business process management (BPM) consulting services empowers our customers to configure the best automated solutions for all facets of enterprise workflow management including. Based on our customer’s unique requirements, we recommend and implement systems that get the work to the right person at the right time through effective solutions for process management; prioritize items through queue management; assign responsibilities through role management; and maintain the organization’s inventory of roles and skills. Our workflow management solutions ensure seamless integration of functions through efficient information sharing and case management.

We select and implement only the best solution from industry leaders in workflow automation systems to satisfy the unique requirements of our customers.

Risk Management
Ascellon’s risk-based approach to cost, schedule, and technical performance management, considers effectiveness, efficiency, and constraints due to applicable laws, directives, policies, standards or regulations and helps our customers achieve their organizational mission. Ascellon provides training and technical assistance in applying risk management tools and techniques for improved planning, estimation, tracking and monitoring, technical performance management, and efficient resource allocation. Our capabilities help executives who have become increasingly aware of the ways in which their organizations can be affected by risks beyond their control.

Information Technology Governance
Ascellon’s IT Governance practice gives organizations the tools and methodologies to measure how the IT investment supports the organization’s overall business strategies. We can assist customers in facing challenges on how to institute structures around the organizational alignment of IT strategy with business strategy. We help to identify and implement approaches that allow the organization to stay on track with the appropriate IT structure to execute their strategies and achieve their goals.  Our processes are designed to provide effective and timely measurement of all components of the IT infrastructure and to ensure all stakeholders’ interests are addressed.  We assist the customer with answering key questions such as how the IT function is meeting expectations, and what key metrics management will need to determine the effectiveness and return on investment of the IT function.