“There’s no silver bullet solution with cyber security, a layered defense is the only viable defense.”


Ascellon’s Cybersecurity Services can assist in identifying and mitigating your organization’s cyber security risks. Identifying vulnerabilities is essential to protecting your digital assets. Having this understanding is also integral to regulatory compliance efforts. A breach of computer security can result in significant financial losses and damage your organization’s reputation. Our cybersecurity services are performed by experienced, certified and credentialed professionals backed by over 24 years of corporate performance. We provide subject matter expertise with a proven track record of reducing and mitigating security risk in practically every sector.

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Cybersecurity Solutions

Cyber Information Security Officer (vCISO)

Companies of all sizes need to have an effective cybersecurity plan in place. Larger companies typically have a designated professional for this function. A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) professional is a senior-level member of a security team and is responsible for maintaining a company's security position. Any company that does not have a dedicated CISO should consider CISO as a Service to obtain the benefits of a senior-level security member as a cost-effective approach. Cyber Information Security Officer as a Service (vCISO) is a customized security management solution tailored to each organization’s needs. We work with your organization to determine how to deploy cybersecurity solutions to help navigate in the connected world of cyber threats. For organizations that have limited budgets, our customized vCISO solution is a cost-effective way to address cyber security challenges.

The responsibilities assigned to the vCISO service can be customized and rapidly scaled to meet the demands of the organization. Typical assignments for the vCISO include:

  • Performing cybersecurity risk assessments audits
  • Developing near-term and long-term cybersecurity strategies
  • Planning and performing security awareness training
  • Assisting in expanding and/or building an internal cybersecurity team
  • Developing a compliance assurance program
  • Providing reports and ongoing cybersecurity monitoring
  • Performing customized cybersecurity functions required by the organization

For more information on how Ascellon can assist your organization design a custom vCISO solution, please contact us to speak with one of our senior cybersecurity staff at cyber@ascellon.com

Cybersecurity Gap Analysis

Ascellon’s Gap Analysis solutions enable your organization to identify vulnerabilities within your networks. We conduct gap analyses of networks to assist organizations in satisfying compliance or accreditation requirements (e.g., CMMC, ISO, etc.), or to undertake an in-depth assessment of actual and potential cyber threats.

Performing a cybersecurity gap analysis is an important first step in determining an organization’s cybersecurity posture by identifying potential threats, creating improvement plans, and preparing for mandated certifications.

A properly conducted gap analysis will help you identify what your organization is doing well so that you can allocate resources to weaker areas. If working towards certification or accreditation of your cybersecurity program, the gap analysis will provide insights into your organization's readiness. Our cybersecurity gap analysis services can help you transform your vision of certification or accreditation into achievable goals and get closer to your ideal status.

We can help to transform your organization’s gap analysis process from a one-time activity to a periodic assessment that validates your cybersecurity due diligence, identifies and addresses new areas of weakness.

For more information on how Ascellon can assist your organization to develop a gap analysis solution, please contact us to speak with a senior member of our cybersecurity staff at cyber@ascellon.com.

Remediation and Audit Readiness

The result of a security assessment can provide you with invaluable information about your organization’s current security risks and compliance status. You may also become aware of necessary components of your cybersecurity program that need to be updated, modified or created. The list may include policies, procedures, updates, and configurations.

Ascellon’s Remediation and Audit Readiness services can assist your organization to close such gaps identified in your cybersecurity program and to assist your organization in preparation for security compliance audits (e.g., CMMC, ISO, etc.).

Our comprehensive security remediation services and audit support will provide you with the insight and support required to address the gaps uncovered during a gap assessment. Our certified security professionals can help with creating appropriate security policies, procedures, training programs and reporting to prepare your organization for any certification or accreditation process.

To speak with a senior member of our cybersecurity staff about Ascellon’s Remediation and Audit Readiness services, please email us at cyber@ascellon.com.

Cybersecurity Training

The ability to understand, implement, and maintain an effective security program is critical to protecting an organization’s assets and operations. Effective cybersecurity is dependent on the knowledge, awareness and skill level of employees. It is important for everyone within the organization and its external stakeholders to understand the nature of cyber threats from within and from external actors.

Therefore, an internal security training program provided to employees is a must for all organizations. Ascellon provides cybersecurity training for all types of roles within an organization. We offer techical and user training to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of information technology. We also offer certification training for those interested in more advanced topics in cybersecurity. Our offereings include training for many of the world's most sought-after security certifications (CISSP, CASP+, CEH, ISO, Security+, etc.).

For more information on Ascellon’s cybersecurity training programs, please contact one of our senior security training specialists at cyber@ascellon.com.