Case Studies

Through Ascellon, customers tap into top-level resources for everything from strategic business system development to surveys, data mining, and hands-on operations.  The depth of our capabilities with analytics, IT and program management enables us to achieve results even when project parameters change.  Ascellon’s experienced people also provide customers with greater strategic control over high-level goals and daily operational issues, such as compliance and staff utilization. Take a look at these sample case studies showing Ascellon at work.       

   PDF  Using Information Technology to Reduce Health Disparity
   PDF  Validating Medicare Risk Adjustments
   PDF  Creative Approaches to Customer Satisfaction Surveys
   PDF  Data Collection and Analysis to Improve Community Services
   PDF  Supporting the Naval Supply Information System Activity
   PDF  Monitoring Grants Growth and Success
   PDF  Ground Breaking Technical Assistance
   PDF  Oversight to Ensure Patients' Rights - Psychiatric Hospital Surveys
   PDF  ICD-10: Implementation is Necessary, Efficiency is Key
   PDF  Partners in Sustainability: 2011 MIG Employment
   PDF  Summit Learning from the Past, Looking to the Future: 2010 MIG/DMIE Employment
   PDF  Summit Services and Strategies that Sustain Employment - 2009 MIG/DMIE Summit
   PDF  From Transition to Communtity Inclusion - 2009 MFP Conference
   PDF  Top Notch Evaluation and Life Saving Solutions