Resume Tips

Ascellon would like to hear from you if you have technical skills, even if you do not see a position currently open. To make it easy for us to keep you in our active files, take a few minutes to be sure your résumé materials include the following items:

      A cover letter, briefly summarizing your skills and suggesting some potential areas for employment. Let us know if you are applying for a specific position in this letter. If there are any positions you would not want, mention them in the letter. If you are currently working in one specialty and want to change to another, let us know you are trying to make that change. Your cover letter should let us know if you will be unavailable for an extended time, or if you are moving, particularly if you are moving closer to the Washington, DC, area. If you have a website or an online résumé, include the URL in your cover letter.

 3D Bullet (RED)     Your résumé should have a clear statement on the first page with your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address right at the beginning. This enables us to quickly find necessary contact information. Positions are filled rapidly, so if you are using voice mail, check back with us as soon as possible. If you are sending your résumé via e-mail, please send it as a Microsoft Word attachment, or as an ASCII text file.

 3D Bullet (RED)     If you have any certifications or credentials — RN, MCSE, CFPA, etc. — include information to verify your certification or a copy of your certificate with your résumé. Do not send the original to us.

Thanks for considering Ascellon. We look forward to hearing from you. Please check back with us again soon.

Ascellon Corporation
Attn: Human Resources
8201 Corporate Drive
Suite 1200
Landover, MD 20785