Company Profile

Founded in 1996, Ascellon is a widely respected Management Consulting and Information Technology (IT) company, specializing in innovative enterprise-wide solutions that address our customers’ unique challenges. We provide comprehensive professional services to organizations of all sizes, applying our expertise in healthcare, IT and program management. 

Our proprietary, ISO 9001:2008 Registered, Quality Management System enables Ascellon to fast-track projects, reduce risk and apply best practices so customers can achieve consistent, cost efficient, quality results, within predictable timeframes. This unique value proposition has rewarded customers with an exceptional Return on Investment (ROI). It has also rewarded Ascellon with robust growth for nearly two decades.

Ascellon’s services are available through a variety of contracting vehicles, including the GSA MOBIS Schedule and the GSA IT Services Schedule.

Our customers include public and private companies, government agencies and non-profits. We have developed a reputation for delivering Quality results on time and within budget.  

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